We live in a rapidly developing neighborhood, surrounded by the renovation of older buildings and the creation of new businesses. While this is an exciting time for the residents of our neighborhood, it also presents a unique opportunity to shape our community to suit its residents. Rather than being bystanders to the developments in our own backyard, we have the chance to ensure that our corner of the city is progressing in a direction that reflects the needs and desires of 6E residents.  Over the last two years as your ANC Commissioner I have worked to incorporate community input on all significant decisions so your voices are heard.  I want to continue to be the person who voices your needs and is an advocate for our neighborhood.

My Mission

We are all interested in seeing our neighborhood grow, but this can mean a lot of different things to different people.  Over the last two years I have fought to maintain our limited green space, preserve affordable housing, standardize the hours of operation for bars and nightclubs, make our streets safer for pedestrians and biker , and to make ANC actions transparent to the public.
I believe in creating safer crosswalks, more parks and playgrounds for our pets and children, and fostering strong relationships with our small businesses; but above all, I am committed to advocating for your interests. I have the knowledge, passion, and dedication to push for the advancements that you want to see in our neighborhood.

My Promise

“Alex has been an effective advocate for the neighborhood, a strong leader on the Commission, and a partner with me on important issues facing Ward 6.  I am very grateful for his work on behalf of his community.”

 Charles Allen – Ward 6 Councilmember 


My promise is to be the advocate that brings your concerns and interests to the City Council, and helps you shape this community in a way that you see fit. I will be a strong advocate who will not only fight to be heard by the City Council, but also work closely with the residents of our neighborhood to ensure their opinions and wishes are included in every major decision. I will make myself available to assist you in any manner you need, and will reach out to all of the residential buildings in our neighborhood to keep you informed about our community.
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