About Alex

lex Marriott has represented the Mt. Vernon Triangle neighborhood on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for the past two years, and chaired the Commission for the last year.  Alex has made transparency and community involvement a priority over the last two years.
He graduated from The George Washington University Law School with honors and is an Associate in the Aviation Group of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Merllott, LLC.  In his practice he focuses on aviation regulatory and policy matters, and competition issues within the aviation industry.
He understands the complicated bureaucracy of the city government, and how to advocate for the needs of our neighborhood to the City Council. He ensures that the residents of this neighborhood have a voice and ability to see this neighborhood develop in the way they see fit.
In addition to the professional attributes that Alex brings to this neighborhood, the most important attributes are his passion and dedication to the residents of 6E. Please support him to bring the changes we all want to see, and vote for him on November 6th!
Alex Marriott talking to Ward 6E citizens

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