Alex and the Neighborhood

Your vote and involvement are important!

Map of Mount Vernon in DC where Alex is running for ANC

What is the ANC?
The Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) guides the district government in making decisions and addressing problems. ANC input matters. To serve its community effectively, the ANC must have its fingers on the pulse of the community.

Can the ANC do more for you?

I am running for ANC seat 6E05 because I know, with your support, we can do more to enhance our community. This includes providing local input on matters of public safety, construction, business development, and green space.

Can the ANC Seat 6E05 better serve our community?

In the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood, the solution to improving community outreach can be accomplished by small, practical methods that I intend to implement.

  • First, all building management should have a letter from the ANC among its welcome materials for new residents. This letter would welcome people to the community, identify their ANC Commissioner, and serve as the way to get in contact with him/her.
  • Second, ANC meetings and actions should be posted in every elevator and at the front desk of each building. Residents would be more familiar with the ANC’s agendas and how they, the residents, can be involved.
  • Third, Commissioners should make regular appearances at tenant meetings and building social events to give residents the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. While many people may not have the opportunity to attend ANC meetings, ANC Commissioners should offer proactive outreach to the residents they represent.

“Community outreach is the foundation of a successful ANC, and the small, but strategic, steps I will implement will strengthen that foundation.”

I would appreciate your vote and support on November 8th.–Alex Marriott

"I will establish a strong relationship with your residential buildings and local business"

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